What's Cheese Up To These Days?

True PC Gaming

Involvement: October 2010

URL: http://truepcgaming.com

In October 2010, I assisted with troubleshooting CSS issues for the relaunch of the True PC Gaming website.

  • CSS
  • Minor graphic design suggestions


Involvement: 2005 - 2006

Satus: Hiatus

Some time in 2005, I started a webcomic with another artist that followed the adventures of myself and a flatmate. Featuring the Cheesemobile, Mr Squishy (my cat), and the Fridgemonster, MarcAndCheese.com was an origin story that I'd love to go back and revisit someday.

The Morrowind Appendices

Status: Archived, No longer developed

Involvement: May 2003 - August 2005

URL: http://www.geocities.ws/mwappendices

Every Elder Scrolls game since Morrowind has been accompanied by a chorus of fans asking for multiplayer. As an active Morrowind community member, I observed that the thing that players seemed most interested in was not multiplayer gameplay so much as a sense of shared adventure.

After reading an in-character role-play interview that Morrowind player Withershyn had conducted with Bethesda designer Mark Nelson about the then-upcoming Bloodmoon expansion, I was inspired to create a Morrowind fan site dedicted to doing similar interviews with players, allowing them to share their stories.

Over the two years that the site ran, I interviewed seven players, and brought onboard two additional staff members to conduct more interviews.