What's Cheese Up To These Days?

Winter's Wake

Involvement: November 2014 - Present

Status: Unreleased, ongoing development

URL: http://winterswake.com

For the third 7 Day First Person Challenge, I prototyped a first person interpretation of a text adventure, attempting to re-create the kind of player-imagined experiences I recall from text adventures and books in a new and interesting way.

The result is a single verb point and click adventure with "mouselook" controls and text descriptions rather than graphics. Positional audio and background tinting provide additional orientation cues and help instill a sense of presence.

I am currently aiming for a 2016 release on Linux, Mac OS and Windows.

  • Game design
  • Engine programming
  • Cross platform programming
  • Writing
  • Initial sound design

Hive Time

Involvement: May 2019 - Present

Status: Releasing on 12th Beecember 2019

URL: http://hivetime.twolofbees.com

URL: https://cheeseness.itch.io/hive-time

Hive Time started development as a 10 day game jam project created in collaboration with Mim at the end of April 2019. Following a positive reception to the jam prototype, I continued to work on the game until its eventual release in December 2019.

In addition to to general development summaries and a stream per month, I also kept a dev blog during development talking about additions/changes and the intent behind them.

  • Game design
  • Programming
  • Writing
  • 2D art
  • 3D art
  • Foley recording
  • Promotional materials

Colossal Cave Adventure - Icicle Edition

Involvement: October 2016 - Present

Status: In development, demo builds available

URL: http://adventure.icicle-engine.org

URL: https://cheeseness.itch.io/colossal-cave

Colossal Cave Adventure - Icicle Edition is an Icicle engine remake of the 1976/7 terminal based text adventure game Adventure (also known as ADVENT, Colossal Cave and Colossal Cave Adventure), originally developed by Will Crowther and expanded by Don Woods.

This iteration of Adventure is being created as part of The Year of Adventure to celebrate Adventure's 40th anniversary. The Icicle engine exposes text oriented content through first person mouselook style controls and provides single verb point-and-click adventure style mechanics in place of a text parser. Colossal Cave Adventure - Icicle Edition aims to hold true to the spirit and atmosphere of the original game, but does make some content and puzzle concessions in order to fit better with the Icicle engine's interface and structure.

  • Engine development
  • Tools development
  • Additional writing
  • Website development
  • Packaging

Day of the Tentacle Remastered

Involvement: May 2016 - July 2016

Status: Released

URL: http://dott.doublefine.com

URL: http://cheesetalks.net/porting_dott.php

In May 2016, I was contracted by Double Fine Productions to port Day of the Tentacle Remastered to Linux.

As part of this process, I also created a small "coming soon" application to take the place of the game's binary for which I was authorised to release source code.

I also released a retrospective article looking at the ins and outs of the porting process as well as my own relationship with the game.

  • Linux porting
  • Linux packaging
  • Promotional artwork
  • Assembled and coordinated testing team
  • Assisted with post-release customer support

Full Throttle Remastered

Involvement: May 2017 - July 2017

Status: Released

URL: http://fullthrottle.doublefine.com

In May 2017, I was contracted by Double Fine Productions to port Full Throttle Remastered to Linux.

  • Linux porting
  • Linux packaging
  • Promotional artwork
  • Assembled and coordinated testing team
  • Assisted with post-release customer support

Hidden Star

Involvement: April 2016 - Present

Status: In development, prototype builds available

URL: https://cheeseness.itch.io/hidden-star

URL: https://github.com/Cheeseness/hidden-star

Source Available: GPL3

Initially created for LOWREZJAM 2016, Hidden Star is a space exploration/trading/combat game presented at 64x64px.

  • Concept art
  • Created visual assets
  • Writing
  • Programming
  • Platform specific packaging

Above The Waves

Involvement: April 2015 - Present

Status: Released, ongoing development

URL: http://atw.twolofbees.com

URL: http://gamejolt.com/games/adventure/above-the-waves/58420/

URL: http://cheeseness.itch.io/above-the-waves

Above The Waves began as a game created for AdventureJam in April 2015, a fortnight long event in which I attempted to create a game from scratch with my partner Mim using the F/OSS SLUDGE engine.

Since AdventureJam, I have slowly been working on an expanded vision for the game with the aim of commencing production on an updated version in 2016.

  • Created background art
  • Puzzle design
  • Programming
  • Packaging

Super Happy Fun Sun

Involvement: December 2015

Status: Released

URL: http://shfs.twolofbees.com

URL: http://cheeseness.itch.io/super-happy-fun-sun

With time set aside for a game jam that never happened, I spent a week in December prototyping a game focusing on exploration and movement challenges involving combinations of gravity, inertia and collision.

  • Project management
  • Game design
  • Level design
  • Programming
  • Background art

Tiny Chopper Raceway

Involvement: March 2016 - April 2016

Status: Released

URL: https://cheeseness.itch.io/tiny-chopper-raceway

URL: https://github.com/Cheeseness/tiny-chopper-raceway/

Source Available: LGPL3, CC0 Assets

For the March 2016 Tasmanian Linux User Group meeting, I gave a talk/demonstration on making games in a hurry with the Godot engine. During the talk, I created a top down drifting/racing game from scratch (with assets that I'd made the day before), and then spent another week or so tidying up the codebase before release.

I am planning to add additional features to demonstrate more of the engine's capabilities and write a companion article on my experiences with the Godot engine at some point later in 2016.

  • Game design
  • Created game assets (excluding music)
  • Programming

Voices of the Past

Involvement: September 2015

Status: Released

URL: http://cheeseness.itch.io/voices-of-the-past

URL: https://www.patreon.com/posts/3742595

For the first TasJam game Jam, I created a short text oriented first person game using Icicle, the Winter's Wake engine. Voices of the Past explores the jam's themes of "voices" and "access" by pulling narrative threads through disparate memories of an elderly woman's life, with each memory unlocking another.

During the second TasJam event, Voices of the Past was awarded "Best use of Theme". Alongside this, we released an updated version of the game with additional audio, graphics and writing.

  • Project management
  • Game design
  • Engine programming
  • Packaging

The Fall

Involvement: May 2014 - Present

Status: Released, ongoing development

URL: http://overthemoongames.com

URL: http://store.steampowered.com/app/290770

After backing The Fall on Kickstarter, I eventually wound up contributing significant feedback during development, assisting with pre-rlease Linux specific issues, and setting up a simple issue tracking system for the game's release.

After release, I provided ongoing technical support and community engagement, and wrote input profiles for the game to resolve issues with several gamepads on Linux and Mac OS.

  • Assisted with post-release customer support
  • Helped plan Linux port
  • Debugged platform specific issues
  • Worked on additional gamepad support


Involvement: June 2012 - Present

Status: Released, ongoing development

URL: http://flat.jbushproductions.com

Source Available: GPL3

FLAT began as a game created for the 7 Day First Person Challenge in June 2012, a week long event in which I attempted to create a game from scratch with a team consisting of two other developers. During the event, I focused primarily on creating art assets in Blender and then batch rendering out to 2D sprite sequences using an array of cameras at set angles.

In the week following the 7DFPS event, I added additional features, art assets and gameplay fixes to make a more polished "post-7DFPS" build available. I also worked with composer Anton Riehl, who had offered to write a score for the game, and implemented a simple context sensitive music system.

In July 2012, we decided to release FLAT under the GPL in order to give others the opportunity to learn from or improve the game.

  • Created art assets for enemy skaters, pulse dragon, player weapons, environment crystals, and background elements
  • Voiced player and enemy pain sounds
  • Implemented music system
  • Game design, testing and balancing
  • Packaged Linux release builds
  • Ongoing maintenance

Unannounced Two Lof Bees JRPG

Status: Concept

After supporting the crowdfunding campaign to open source Monster RPG 2, Mim and I have been discussing making use of the engine to create a Two Lof Bees themed JRPG.

Lead developer Trent Gamblin is currently adding SVG asset support to the engine, which will be an important part of our workflow.

Unannounced Two Lof Bees Platformer

Status: Unreleased, hiatus

During 2012, I began work on prototyping a Two Lof Bees themed non-aggressive multiplayer platformer.

This project is temporarily on hold whilst we recover from moving house and clearing other projects off our schedule.

Crab Lab

Status: Concept

Crab Lab will be a small scale 2D puzzle game.


Involvement: January 2013 - Present

Status: Unreleased, ongoing development

URL: http://openparsec.sourceforge.net

Source Available: GPL2

I was delighted to discover in 2012 that some enthusiastic community members were reviving OpenParsec, and even more delighted when I was invited to contribute background art assets and misc imagery (icons, banners, etc.) and give back to a game that I spent many happy hours playing.

Unannounced Portal 2 Mod

Status: Concept

During 2012, I wrote a treatment and produced storyboards for a short Portal 2 mod which follows the experiences of a trapped Aperture Science employee around the time of GLaDOS' neurotoxin incident in a manner that pays homage to Valve's style of storytelling.

It's my intention to collaborate with a small team of other artists/developers, and the schedule for this project will depend on the convergence of availability.

Unannounced First/Third Person Exploration Game

Status: Concept, ongoing development

In 2012, I began concept work on a multiplayer first/third person exploration/puzzle game with another developer with whom I've previously collaborated.

At this stage in development, we are anticipating using Unity 4 and targeting Windows, MacOS and Linux.

  • Game design
  • Concept art
  • Story treatment


Status: Unreleased, ongoing development

Fotham is the codename for a small scope mutliplayer top-down shooter developed by Valiant Systems.

Currently I am the only active developer on project Fotham.

  • Game design
  • Concept art
  • Initial prototyping

Unannounced Linux Release

Status: Unreleased, ongoing development

Involvement: December 2012 - Present

Towards the end of 2012, I was invited to assist with publishing a Linux verion of an existing indie game.

  • Packaging
  • Testing

Unannounced Platformer

Status: Unreleased, hiatus

Involvement: July 2012 - Present

In 2012, I was invited to create art assets for a small scope platformer.

Whilst this project has been on hold for several months, I anticipate that development will continue during 2013.

Unannounced Sidescrolling Shooter

Status: Unreleased, ongoing development

Involvement: July 2012

In 2012, I began collaborating with another indie developer on a side scrolling shooter.

  • Concept art
  • Preliminary 3D assets