What's Cheese Up To These Days?

Itty Bitty POS

Involvement March 2016 - 2018

Status: Unreleased, hiatus

Itty Bitty POS is a small scope cash-sale oriented point of sale system initially written in March 2016 to replace a customised version of uniCenta oPOS I was using for Two Lof Bees' convention presence.

After deciding to take a hiatus from conventions following the death of my cat (who was represented in Two Lof Bees' identity), Itty Bitty POS development was put on hold.

  • Application design
  • Database design
  • Programming

The Humble Visualisations

Status: Retired

URL: http://cheesetalks.twolofbees.com/humble/

URL: https://github.com/Cheeseness/humble-visualisations

Source Available: Yes

The Humble Visualisations is an automatically updating set of aggregated and calculated statistics for all Humble Bundle promotions (ones which appear on the main Humble Bundle page, that is). Discussions in the Steam Powered User Forums prompted me to create a Google Docs spreadsheet in August 2011 to track and compare stats for the first four Humble Bundles. Over time, this grew to be unmanageable, and I develped an automated system in PHP and MySQL to parse and store data scraped from the humblebundle.com website, making use of Google's image charting API to provide visualisations.

In 2013, I overhauled the interface to use the Javascript/SVG oriented D3 visualisation library.

In 2016, I retired the Humble Visualisations. The final data set is still available, but new data is no longer scraped.


Status: Release candidate

URL: https://github.com/Cheeseness/Desurium/

Source Available: GPL3

Involvement: November 2011 to October 2013

Desurium is the Free/Open Source continuation of the Desura client after its source release in 2011.

I resigned from this project in October 2013 when after Desura was purchased by Linden Lab, it became clear that a licence change and contributor agreement would be imposed on the project (with any non-compliant contributions removed), ignoring objections raised by the development community.

  • Implemented "Desubot" mascot
  • Write of release notes and announcements
  • Participate in development discussion
  • Maintenance of the Desurum group
  • Liaise with Desura employees


Status: Internal use

dvdCat is a PHP/MySQL based library management system created to track and tag video collections. I'm yet to release dvdCat to the world.

  • Ongoing development
  • UI design


Status: Finished, no longer developed

imageCat is a JSP/MySQL based library management system created to track, tag and rate image collections. I wrote imageCat to help manage and share my growing photo library, but eventually outgrew it and now use a combination of Flickr and digiKam to fill its role.

  • Ongoing development
  • UI design
  • Logo design

Judo Competition Management Software

Status: Finished, no longer developed

In 2005, Tasmania hosted the Australian National Judo Championships. Through ties with the Judo Federation of Australia (Tasmania) that arose from a student project, myself and a team of three others wrote and provided an automated competition management system in Java to operate as an alternative to the then-current pen and paper system.

In addition to supporting and assisting the broader team, I designed and developed a back-of-house management tool to import competitor details, create tiered 'bout' lists based on weight divisions, and queue bouts from multiple divisions at multiple 'mats' ordered to give competitors adequate rest between bouts. This tool also interfaced with concurrently developed scoring software to process bout results and generate final bouts, and provided flexibility for queue ordering customisation.

  • Development of competitor management and bout queing tool
  • Database design
  • Website development (no longer online)

Unannounced Game Library Manager

Involvement: Novermber 2013 - 2015

In November 2013, I was invited to join a small team planning to create a cross platform, store agnostic game updater/library management application.

My main role in this group has been in helping flesh out the overarching systems design, and to liaise with game store operators interested in participating in proof of concept and pilot implementations.

The project eventually stalled due to contributors' other commitments.

  • Contributed to systems design
  • Game store liaising
  • Logo design

Unannounced Music/Audio Application

Status: Unreleased, hiatus

I have been prototyping a music oriented audio processing application which I hope to launch on mobile and desktop platforms. This project has been on hold since mid 2012.

  • Initial prototyping
  • Ongoing development