What's Cheese Up To These Days?


Involvement November 2014 - Present

Status: Unreleased

URL: http://icicle-engine.org

Icicle is an in-development game engine focused on delivering text oriented experiences that I originally started while working on Winter's Wake for 7DFPS. It foregoes the parser and button based interfaces of traditional text and hypertext adventures in favour of first person "mouselook" style controls, and presents itself mechanically as a single verb point and click adventure game.

  • Application design
  • Programming


Involvement: February 2021 - Present

Status: Released

URL: https://cheeseness.itch.io/plus-x

URL: https://gitlab.com/Cheeseness/plus-x

Sources Available: MIT

Early in 2021, I developed and released a small tool aimed at allowing developers on non-Unix operating systems to manage Unix style executable permisions.

  • Programming
  • Logo design

Para CMS

Status: Released, ongoing development

URL: http://para.jbushproductions.com

Source Available: GPL3

Para CMS is a GPL licenced, PHP based, light weight content management system that renders content from plain text files. It was originally created for the Big List of 3rd Party DRM on Steam as a replacement for Wordpress, allowing content to be maintained via a Git repository.

  • Designed Parasaurolophus used as mascot
  • Developed initial 0.1 release
  • Review commits
  • Manage project/community
  • Ongoing development


Status: Released, ongoing development

URL: http://transcriberer.jbushproductions.com

Source Available: GPL3

Transcriberer is a GPL licenced, HTML and Javacript transcription aid, which exposes convenient keyboard shortcuts for playback control and time stamp insertion without the text input area losing focus.

I originally wrote Transciberer to assist with the creation of shownotes for SteamLUG Cast and for transcribing audio interviews for Cheese Talks.

  • Developed initial release
  • Designed page CSS
  • Ongoing development