What's Cheese Up To These Days?


Status: Release candidate

URL: https://github.com/Cheeseness/Desurium/

Source Available: GPL3

Involvement: November 2011 to October 2013

Desurium is the Free/Open Source continuation of the Desura client after its source release in 2011.

I resigned from this project in October 2013 when after Desura was purchased by Linden Lab, it became clear that a licence change and contributor agreement would be imposed on the project (with any non-compliant contributions removed), ignoring objections raised by the development community.

  • Implemented "Desubot" mascot
  • Write of release notes and announcements
  • Participate in development discussion
  • Maintenance of the Desurum group
  • Liaise with Desura employees


Status: Internal use

dvdCat is a PHP/MySQL based library management system created to track and tag video collections. I'm yet to release dvdCat to the world.

  • Ongoing development
  • UI design


Status: Finished, no longer developed

imageCat is a JSP/MySQL based library management system created to track, tag and rate image collections. I wrote imageCat to help manage and share my growing photo library, but eventually outgrew it and now use a combination of Flickr and digiKam to fill its role.

  • Ongoing development
  • UI design
  • Logo design

Judo Competition Management Software

Status: Finished, no longer developed

In 2005, Tasmania hosted the Australian National Judo Championships. Through ties with the Judo Federation of Australia (Tasmania) that arose from a student project, myself and a team of three others wrote and provided an automated competition management system in Java to operate as an alternative to the then-current pen and paper system.

In addition to supporting and assisting the broader team, I designed and developed a back-of-house management tool to import competitor details, create tiered 'bout' lists based on weight divisions, and queue bouts from multiple divisions at multiple 'mats' ordered to give competitors adequate rest between bouts. This tool also interfaced with concurrently developed scoring software to process bout results and generate final bouts, and provided flexibility for queue ordering customisation.

  • Development of competitor management and bout queing tool
  • Database design
  • Website development (no longer online)

Unannounced Music/Audio Application

Status: Unreleased, hiatus

I have been prototyping a music oriented audio processing application which I hope to launch on mobile and desktop platforms. This project has been on hold since mid 2012.

  • Initial prototyping
  • Ongoing development

Robin's Rescue

Involvement: June 2015 - July 2015

Status: Released

URL: http://robinsrescue.twolofbees.com

URL: https://github.com/Cheeseness/robins-rescue

Source Available: LGPL3

Following the development of Above The Waves, I created a second game in the SLUDGE engine with the intention of using its source as an example case in an article on the SLUDGE engine.

The game's sources as well as pre-built binaries were published alongside the article.

  • Created background art
  • Puzzle design
  • Programming
  • Writing
  • Packaging

Hand of Fate

Involvement: March 2014 - May 2014

Status: Released

URL: http://defiantdev.com/handoffate.php

URL: http://store.steampowered.com/app/266510

After backing Hand of Fate on Kickstarter, and assisting with some Linux specific support issues, I was contracted by Defiant Development to temporarily assist with community support.

  • Worked with customers to identify and resolve support issues
  • Liaised with upstream engine developers to resolve platform specific issues
  • Assisted with QA by organising and confirming bug reports
  • Assessed review requests and distributed game codes

Bad Golf: Community Edition

Involvement: February 2014 - Present

Status: Ongoing development

URL: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/13136/

URL: https://github.com/Double-Fine-Game-Club/bad-golf-community-edition

Source Available: CC BY-NC

Following a second unsuccessful Bad Golf pitch for Double Fine's Amnesia Fortnight and in light of community enthusiasm, I coordinated a fan project to bring the pitch to reality as a fan developed game.

Rather than contributing directly to development, I took on a project management role. Using GitHub, the Double Fine forums and the #BadGolf2 IRC channel on foonetic.net, I set up a project with an open contribution policy, where any members of the commmunity who wished to share their time and skills could collaborate on and create whatever interested them.

At the time of writing (one fortnight in), development has produced a prototype using Unity, consisting of networking, vehicle simulation, golf simulation and a range of community created assets, leaveraging the Double Fine community's impressive creative talent.

  • Configured development infrastructure
  • Solidified direction from initial design notes
  • Created and assigned tasks lists
  • Coordinated community contributors
  • Managed and deployed release builds
  • Actively engaged and engaged in development decision
  • Liaised with Double Fine regarding IP boundaries and project promotion


Involvement: August 2013

Status: Released, ongoing development pending

URL: http://www.7dfps.org/?action=games&id=44

For the second 7 Day First Person Challenge, I created a first person puzzle game using Blender's built in game engine, in which players take on the role of a participant in a progressive dance and must strategically swap with their current partner to reach the end goal of being partnered with a specific NPC.

Detailed design intentions and development logs can be found on Dance's 7DFPS page.

At this stage I am considering migrating Dance to another engine and developing a more rounded experience.

  • Created game assets (excluding music)
  • Game design
  • Programming
  • Cross platform packaging

Astronomusic Prototype

Involvement: March 2012

Status: Released, No longer developed

In March 2012, flibitijibibo asked if I'd be interested in providing some placeholder assets for an puzzle game prototype with audio processing elements that he was working on for the 2012 Intel Level Up Game Demo contest.

After some brief discussion, we settled on a stylised monochromatic space theme.

  • Created art assets for player ship, environment objects, and background elements
  • Contributed minor patches

Grenades, Snarks and Teleporters

Status: Released, hiatus

URL: http://www.moddb.com/mods/grenades-snarks-teleporters

Grenades, Snarks and Teleporters (G.S.T.), a deathmatch total conversion for Half-Life featuring silly weapons, hilarious gameplay and weird maps, was Valiant Systems' first released project. G.S.T. began life as a compilation of amusing bugs that we had created whilst developing our more serious total conversion, Guards vs Thieves. Eventually G.S.T. took over as a primary focus, and was released as "Public Beta 1.0" in February 2002 (all future versions of G.S.T. were intended to be "beta" releases).

Development of G.S.T. Beta 2.0 continued until 2004 when resources were reassigned to another project.

  • Project management
  • Game and level design
  • Created 3D and 2D assets and animations

Guards vs Thieves

Status: Unreleased, hiatus

Guards vs Thieves (GvT) was initially conceived as a class/team based multiplayer Half-Life 1 total conversion inspired by Looking Glass Studios' Thief: The Dark Project and its sequel Thief: The Metal Age, and developed by Valiant Systems.

We had that GvT would be be released in 9 level packs which progressively revealed the tale of Ruik and his band of thieves and their strugle against Sherrif Whatsisname's guards through story chapters, FMV cutscenes and in-game sequences.

GvT was relegated to a secondary project as Grenades, Snarks and Teleporters neared its release, and was eventually suspended in 2004 resources were reassigned to another project.

  • Project and team management
  • Game and level design
  • Created 3D and 2D assets and animations
  • Wrote novelisation of game plot, cutscene treatment for FMVs and scripts for in-game voice acting
  • Voiced in-game character Ruik
  • Co-scored music tracks

Misdirected Hostility

Status: Unreleased, hiatus

Misdirected Hostility was conceived as a Serious Sam: Second Encounter total conversion focused around team based gameplay.

Set in a dystopian future where five factions with unique abilities are vying for control over mysterious alien artifacts, Misdirected Hostility forces players to balance their choice of faction against map objectives and the factions that they may be up against.

I was originally brought in to develop Misdirected Hostility's story, and over time my role evolved to include game design, web development, concept art and asset creation.

Misdirected Hostility is a special project that I hope to return to some day.

  • Game design
  • Developed website
  • Created concept art
  • Created game assets
  • Wrote story treatment and faction bios


Involvement: June 2006 - May 2014

Status: Released, ongoing development

URL: http://neverball.org

URL: https://github.com/Neverball/neverball

Source Available: GPL2

I first joined the Neverball community in 2006, three years before 1.5.0, (the first 'community' release) was unleashed upon the world. In the time leading up to and following release, I participated as an active member of the Neverball developer community, taking part in game design and project management decisions. I also coordinated a 'thank-you' project where key community contributors in seven countries signed a t-shirt, which was then sent on to the game's original creator. In 2009, Neverball won Silver in the Hobbies category of Les Trophées du Libre.

I committed patches in C, adding teleporter particle effects and improved internal screenshot management.

In addition to participating in visual design discussions, I contributed graphics for teleporter pads, teleporter particles, custom balls and created the 'Volcano' environment background. I also worked on SVG program icons for Neverball and its sister project Neverputt. I created the design and graphics for the official Neverball website (2009-onwards), and created smilies for the official forums based on the in-game 'thwomp' characters.

Additionally, I have been working on content creation tutorials to help make Neverball contribution more accessible.

Following the release of Neverball 1.6.0 in May 2014, I stepped back from the Neverball community.

  • Organised community building activities
  • Created website design
  • Created forum smilies
  • Created background assets
  • Created SVG version of the Neverball and Neverputt logos
  • Created additional bonus balls
  • Worked on teleporter effects
  • Contributed minor code patches
  • Packaged Desura builds
  • Ongoing management of Neverball and Neverputt's Desura profiles
  • Developed tutorials for creating in-game assets

True PC Gaming

Involvement: October 2010

URL: http://truepcgaming.com

In October 2010, I assisted with troubleshooting CSS issues for the relaunch of the True PC Gaming website.

  • CSS
  • Minor graphic design suggestions


Involvement: 2005 - 2006

Satus: Hiatus

Some time in 2005, I started a webcomic with another artist that followed the adventures of myself and a flatmate. Featuring the Cheesemobile, Mr Squishy (my cat), and the Fridgemonster, MarcAndCheese.com was an origin story that I'd love to go back and revisit someday.

The Morrowind Appendices

Status: Archived, No longer developed

Involvement: May 2003 - August 2005

URL: http://www.geocities.ws/mwappendices

Every Elder Scrolls game since Morrowind has been accompanied by a chorus of fans asking for multiplayer. As an active Morrowind community member, I observed that the thing that players seemed most interested in was not multiplayer gameplay so much as a sense of shared adventure.

After reading an in-character role-play interview that Morrowind player Withershyn had conducted with Bethesda designer Mark Nelson about the then-upcoming Bloodmoon expansion, I was inspired to create a Morrowind fan site dedicted to doing similar interviews with players, allowing them to share their stories.

Over the two years that the site ran, I interviewed seven players, and brought onboard two additional staff members to conduct more interviews.

Grumpy Bunny

Status: Unreleased, ongoing development

Grumpy Bunny is a Two Lof Bees picture book that I've written and am in the process of illustrating, which explores the impact of memory loss.

The Prince and the Princess

Status: Unreleased, ongoing development

The Prince and the Princess is a Two Lof Bees picture book based on a concept by Mim. We've collaborated heavily on writing and drawing, and are hoping for a 2013 release.

Unannounced Graphic Novel

Status: Concept

I have a short graphic novel that I've written an outline for which I intend to come back to at some stage.