What's Cheese Up To These Days?

Cheese Talks

Involvement: July 2011 - Present

URL: http://cheesetalks.twolofbees.com

Cheese Talks started by accident after I interviewed Steamworks/Vapor developer VoiDeD in an attempt to raise awareness of Vapor and investigate the accuracy of some of its download statistics. I needed somewhere to host that interview, so I pulled across an article I'd written about the behaviour of the TF2 community which was previously hosted on the main Two Lof Bees domain.

Shortly afterward, I did a three part interview with Desura's Linux Games Lead, Protektor, and the site grew from there, hosting the Humble Visualisations as well.

I get a lot of enjoyment about being an independent writer like this, and it's led to a number of interesting opportunities and helped me cross paths with some great people.