What's Cheese Up To These Days?

What is this site?

I'm a pretty busy person. People often ask me what I "do" - this site exists to make answering that a bit easier. It's grown out of a combination of notes and todo lists, and is smaller than I expected (this is a good thing).

Under the Cheese menu you can find a little more information about me, including a selected work history, interviews, and project ideas that I'd love to see happen, but don't have time for.

You can find details of stuff I currently have on my plate under the Current Projects menu, and details of projects that are completed, cancelled or otherwise on hold indefinitely in the Older Projects menu. User groups, clubs and community events that I have had an influential role in are listed under the Communities menu.

Additionally, the navigation menu at the top of the page includes external links to three of my major focuses, my Cheese Talks site, Two Lof Bees, J Bush Productions and my developer profile on Itch.io. More information on what each of those are can be found under the Current Projects menu.

Please keep in mind that with the exception of the items mentioned above, the aim of this site is to be comprehensive rather than highlight work that I consider significant. There is a lot of stuff here that may be old, not be noteworthy, or an unstarted item on my todo list.

Who is Cheese?

My name is Cheeseness. Some people call me Josh. I do lots of things, and have from time to time been given the following labels (I'm not a big believer in labels, so take that as you will).

  • Artist
  • Developer
  • Writer
  • Interviewer
  • Musician
  • Photographer
  • Teacher
  • Learner
  • Gamer
  • Good Cook
  • Cyclist
  • Coordinator
  • Friend to bees