What's Cheese Up To These Days?

Helping Other Devs

This document contains a partially complete list of games that I have helped out with in some form, including but not limited to offering advice, testing, providing code snippets, troubleshooting, participating in development, liasing with upstream projects/developers (big shout out to Levi Bard from Unity Technologies). Typically, this has been with regards to Linux support.

Inclusion in this list does not indicate that a Linux port has or ever will be published, nor does it speak to the quality and stability of Linux support. Inclusion in this list does not indicate any endorsement of me by the project's developer or vice versa (though I do think these are all pretty neat games!).

Access to builds/feedback opportunities that were part of normal experiences with crowdfunded or early access games is not included, neither is help provided to developers during game jams.

This list is woefully incomplete because I'm terrible and never kept notes. If your game is not here and I've lent you a hand in the past, please get in touch!