What's Cheese Up To These Days?

linux.conf.au 2009

Involvement: October 2007 - January 2009

URL: http://www.linux.org.au/conf/2009/

In 2009, Tasmania hosted linux.conf.au, a Free/Open Source conference, which attracted over 700 speakers, delegates and volunteers from around Australia and the world. I held a position on the organising team, being responsible for graphic design and marketing. In addition to hosting a fantastic event, we also raised over $40,000 for the University of Tasmania and Tasmanian State Government's Save The Tasmanian Devil Program to support research into the Devil Facial Tumor Disease that is endangering the species.

In addition to working on the website design (2008-2009 the link above is to an archived version), I created designs for t-shirts, bags, notepads, balloons, lanyards, flyers, postcards, Rubiks Cubes and an 80 page programme booklet using Open Source tools (Inkscape, Gimp, Scribus).

I also worked on the conference's Tasmanian Devil mascot, Tuz, which replaced Tux as the mascot for the 2.6.29 Linux kernel.

  • Graphic design
  • Website design
  • Open day coordination
  • Liaised with fulfillment company
  • Held a position on the LCA09 executive committee

Software Freedom Day/Free Software For All

Involvement: September 2006 - Present

URL: http://softwarefreedomday.org

URL: http://freesoftwareforall.org

I've been coordinating annual Software Freedom Day events in Launceston since 2006, and ran an additional Software Freedom Day-like event called Free Software For All in February 2007 in response to additional demand.

We generally present our SFD events as expos, with a focus on highlighting interesting things that are being done with Free Software within the local community. We have recently been attempting to bring additional interactivity to our SFD events, with walk-up-and-play F/OSS games, F/OSS graphics displays with tablets.

In October 2008, I helped coordinate a belated Software Freedom Day in Hobart.

  • Event coordination
  • Team management
  • Publicity (many radio interviews ^_^ )