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Some More Humble Visualisations


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Currently there is hourly data available for the following bundles

Note that the Humble Indie Bundle 6 is missing the first 5 hours of data, the Humble Double Fine Bundle is missing the its first 18 hours, the Humble Mobile Bundle only shows cross platform average payment values (bottom most chart), and the Humble Deep Silver Bundle is missing separate price values (was initially $190 and rose to $230).

Also available for Humble Weekly Sales.

Some Notes!

Ooher, more charts!

This is still in development, so please be patient ^_^ (head back here for more stuff)

Several promotions have gaps in the data (caused by maintenance on my host, Humble's uptime and the odd unforseen markup change, etc.). In the graphs that show hourly data, the first data point following a gap will include the sum of the skipped period.

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